Virgin Islands University Center For Excellence In Developmental Disabilities

Virgin Islands University Center For Excellence In Developmental Disabilities

VIUCEDD is in the US Virgins Island. The main aim of the university is to enhance the quality of life among the individuals who have disabilities. It also aims at strengthening the families of such individuals through providing them with the tools that are necessary for productive as well as inclusive community life.

The university, which has been under operation since 1994, has also been committed as a learner-centered institution which aims to bring success to the students and to enhance the lives among the people in the US.

Being located in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean, the university is in an appropriate ground for research, responsive community serve, excellent teaching and learning processes, and for innovation based on technology, arts, and medicine among other fields.

The university is also accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (CHEMSACS). Thus, it has been confirmed as offering courses which are approved and open to the members of the public.

VIUCEDD Degree Programs

Virgin Islands University Center For Excellence In Developmental DisabilitiesVIUCEDD offers over 50 degree programs on various levels of higher education. Most of these courses are aimed at helping people with disabilities and their families to deal with their situation as well as to engage actively in the society through participation in different activities.

However, the university is ultimately committed to provision of education for equal opportunities among the minorities and especially the disabled. Therefore, it also offers normal degree programs to its learners.

The university provides over 47 undergraduate and graduate programs within its five schools and colleges. These programs include: Business Education, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, and Nursing.

It also provides certificate programs in fields such as Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Music Industry, and in Teaching English to students taking it as a Second Language. Other special programs which are taken within the university include Secondary Teacher Preparation Program, Honors Program, Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (SROTC), and Early Medical School Selection Program.

The university chooses to operate during seasons such as fall, spring, and during the summer. However, through its Center for Student Success, individual learners can access educational materials even during holidays.

The university provides monthly training which aims at increasing the training level among people with disabilities in the population. This is done in a bid to make them competitive in the employment sector. VIUCEDD does this through its Disability Employment Project.

The main target population for this project includes the people with various forms of disabilities within the population. The university has partnered with several agencies and departments such as the Department of Human Services Division of Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services to ensure the success of the project.

Thus, the university has been holding several conferences aimed at strengthening the foundation of its projects. The conferences bring people with disabilities, their families, and the community in a similar platform to interact with each other and learn more. The last VIUCEDD Conference was held in October 2016.

Funding of the University

Virgin Islands University Center For Excellence In Developmental DisabilitiesThe university works with people with disabilities and also their families. Therefore, it requires funding in order to successfully cover for the needs of this disadvantaged segment of the entire population.

The university, thus, acquires funding from several agencies and departments. These include: US Department of Human Services Division of Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services, US Department of Education, and the Office of National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing Loss

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing Loss

This is the condition of not having the sound signals reaching the brain. It mainly occurs as a result of old age. Also, the problem may be resulted by exposure to loud noise for a long period of time which destroys the structure of the ear causing it to malfunction.

Other causes include acute inflammation, trauma, or ineffective blood circulation. The auditory system is responsible for hearing function of the ear when sound waves are directed to it. Damaging of the auditory system leads to the hearing loss.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Towards hearing loss, individuals experience some symptoms which indicate the eventual occurrence of this situation. The hearing ability gradually fades away unnoticeably and it becomes difficult for one to determine it. Some of the common symptoms that predict the condition of hearing loss include:

1) Trouble in Hearing Consonants

Consonants such as “s” and “f” require control of the breath rather than sound in order to utter them in words or phrases. Individuals who have hearing loss may experience a challenge in hearing the consonants while talking with others.

2) Thinking Others Mumble

Prior to hearing loss, individuals have a tendency to think that others are mumbling rather than talking. They always hear that others are either talking from deep down their voices or that they are talking in a low voice.

3) Increase Volume of Devices

Individuals tend to experience difficulties while listening to devices such as radio, television, mobile phone, or computer. Normally, you will find that they are putting the maximum volume while using or operating these devices.

4) Withdrawal From Conversations

Due to constant difficulties in understanding clearly what is being said, many individuals with hearing loss withdraw from conversations.

5) Requesting others to Repeat what they Say

People suffering from hearing loss hear others talking from a far distance or from their low voices. Therefore, they frequently urge them to repeat what they say in order to get it clear. Failure to understand what is being said forces them to neglect the conversation.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing LossLevels of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not come at once. Rather, it comes in different levels which occur sequentially. These levels include:

1) Mild Hearing Loss

While talking with a person in one-on-one conversation, an individual can clearly hear all the words. However, in case of any background noise, it becomes a challenge to hear all the words in the conversation.

2) Moderate Loss of the Hearing Ability

This occurs gradually especially during old age. During one-on-one or phone conversations, individuals usually ask for repetition of statements which have not been clear to them frequently as they talk.

3) Severe Hearing Loss

At this stage, an elderly or any other person with the condition experiences total challenges in listening to sounds. Therefore, they tend to require using hearing aids which are inserted or fitted over the ear.

4) Profound Hearing Loss

In such a stage, an individual regularly experience challenges in hearing as others are speaking. Normally, one cannot hear anything. Thus, they often ask others to speak in an extremely loud voice in order to understand what is being said.

An Introductory Guide to Disability Language and Empowerment

An Introductory Guide to Disability Language and Empowerment

Normally, this language aims at providing information on the different types of language that are employed regularly during communication about disability. However, this language does not necessarily address on the concepts and terminologies encountered during communication. The language only acts as a guide on the information that is contained in communication.

The Syracuse University Disability Cultural Center (DCC) has been active in the promotion of disability language and empowerment. Through the language the university aims at showcasing its commitment in the promotion of the disability cultures as well as the disability pride in the society.
While in the introduction to the disability language and empowerment, readers do not necessarily need to have knowledge on the concepts used. At the same time, due to the politicizing of “disability culture” and “disability pride”, DCC aims at creating a guide that is politically neutral and which does not take any side in politics.

DCC also intends to provide its readers with information about concepts and how they normally relate with the use of the disability language. However, DCC does not force any reader or individual to agree or disagree with them.

DCC has aimed at making the guide to be accessible in the best way possible to anyone who needs to access it. Some of the individuals who may need to access the guide include: students, faculty, parents, staff, teachers, and even the community members who have or who lack any disabilities or disabilities identity.

An Introductory Guide to Disability Language and EmpowermentWhy is the Disability Language Important?

It may feel like the whole thing is all about “political correctness’ and also semantics. Also, other individuals may have a notion that using a language which feels polite and inoffensive and one which is associated with political correctness is unnecessary.

However, offensive language is considered offensive due several factors and reasons. At the same time, the words and concepts that have been used for long to discuss and describe the disabled people are associated with specific histories and implications especially among the disabled people.

Excluding politicization in the language is aimed at making it neutral for everyone. Normally, “political correct’ words may feel like abuse or insult to a group of people while they appeal to others in respect and appreciation. Therefore, DCC does not want to be associated with this.

What is “People-first Language”? Does Everyone Use It?

This is the language that is phrased in a way that names a person before describing their disability, for example, woman with cerebral palsy or man with intellectual disability. This is a respectful language that shows that disability is only a single characteristic of someone and not the entire description of them. The language opposes the disability-first language which shows little respect for the disabled. It also helps the disabled to see their disability as just a single part of their whole self.

What does it Mean to “Reclaim a Word’ and Why Is it Important “To Reclaim’?

This is usually done by a group of people. When a group of people “reclaim a word’, they show that the word was used to produce a meaning against them, for example, the word “queer” that was reclaimed by LGBT community. In the disability side, the word, “crip” has been reclaimed severally by different disabled people groups in order to make people understand when, why, and how the word affects the disabled in a negative way.

Capitalization Essence

Capitalization of certain letters in some words or phrases among the disabled produces different meanings. For instance, “deaf” may be used to mean a person with hearing disability while “Deaf” is used to refer to membership or affiliation regarding to the Deaf culture or Deaf Community.


Learning the disability language is important to ensure etiquette and utmost respect while talking to or addressing the disabled persons. DCC has embarked on making the disability language popular in order to achieve respect and empowerment for the disabled.

Foot Health for Elderly

Foot Health for Elderly

Old age comes with thinness and in-elasticity of the skin. This makes feet to be susceptible to problems such as corns, infections, getting injured easily, and blisters. This case may be intensified if an elderly is less mobile and associated with remaining back at home unlike in the past times when one used to work.

What are the Common Foot Health Problems among the Elderly?

For the elderly, foot health is affected by many problems. These problems are largely brought about by the change in lifestyle at old age unlike in the past days. Some of the problems include:

1) Bad Odor

This is a common foot problem that is brought about by fungus infections. Using one pair of shoes for long and wearing shoes with wet foot leads to fungal infections of the feet. Normally, fungal infection is common among the seniors.

2) Arthritis

Long periods of wear and tear of the feet and feet joints may lead to this painful joint condition. This problem affects parts of the foot such as toes, bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Big toes are more prone to the problem.

3) Stress Fractures

These are tiny and hairline fractures which affects the brittle bones. They may be caused by abnormal structure of the foot and also osteoporosis condition. The condition is irritating especially during walking.

Foot Health for Elderly4) Plantar Fasciitis

It is the most common foot problem among the elderly. It is caused by a couple of factors such as weight, pressure on the feet, poor or deformed foot structure, and poor footwear that inflicts pressure on different parts of the foot.

Limited walking activities and lack of involvement in physical exercises also causes the occurrence of plantar fasciitis. Dealing with plantar fasciitis condition presents total headache to many elderly people. It may limit their operations through presenting them with walking difficulties.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes that are Suitable for the Elderly

One of the most effective ways in correcting the feet and treating plantar fasciitis is through wearing proper shoes. These shoes eliminate factors that predispose the feet to contracting the condition. They include:

1) Olukai Moloa Shoe – Men’s

This shoe from Olukai is designed with a contoured footbed and it comes with a removable rubber outsole. The outsole can be removed and washed for hygiene purposes. The shoe is also designed with moisture wicking Dri-Lex microfiber and it is elastic to allow relaxation of the foot while wearing and walking with it.

2) Vionic Mens Eddy Orthotic Leather Casual Moc Toe Boat Shoes

This is a stylish and a comfortable shoe that can take you all day without getting exhausted. It is light in weight and flexible with elasticity for easy walking or running. It has a medium-density EVA midsole which is soft on the foot and which absorbs pressure and shocks that may stress the foot. It also has a removable rubber outsole which can be used to increase comfort while wearing it.

3) OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog OOFOS

This is recovery footwear which is suitable for the seniors who have experienced walking hardships and even plantar fasciitis condition previously. It can be worn by individuals from either sex. The shoe is light in weight and perfectly flexible. It is also elastic and easy to walk with.

Common Disorders In Older People

Common Disorders In Older People

Old age brings reduced immunity in the body. Thus, the elderly may be subject to a couple of disorders which do not commonly affect the younger people. Reduced physical exercise, reduced social interactions, and change in the physiological functioning of the body among the seniors are the main contributing factors to occurrence of several disorders.

What are the Common Disorders in Older People?

There are several disorders which are common among the older people in the population. These disorders include the following:

1) Depression

Younger people may run through tearful, withdrawn, and unhappy moments of life. However, the ability to socially interact and retain their bodies as physically active helps them to prevent suffering from depression.

For the elderly, anxiety, confusion, and forgetfulness lead to series of uncontrolled and severe stress among them. Also, low social interaction and reduced physical fitness intensifies the case making them suffer from depression.

2) Heart Attack

Older people may experience chest pain which is associated with abdominal pain and difficulties in breathing. Heart attack poor diet and anxiety may all lead to heart attack among the older people.

3) Hyper/Hypothyroidism

These conditions are usually associated with overactive and underactive performance of the thyroid glands. The two conditions may also affect the immune system of the body as the body aims at making antibodies that will help in regulating

Common Disorders In Older People4) Arthritis

Nearly half of the elderly population suffers from arthritis. Arthritis is highly linked with disability among the older people especially feet and legs disabilities. It is usually caused by inactivity and reduced physical exercises among the elderly which leads to pain in the joints and parts of the feet.

5) Osteoporosis and Falls

Over 40 million of adults who are over 50 years have osteoporosis and low bone mass. The condition is caused by reduced calcium intake, smoking, and reduced vitamin D intake. The condition may be prevented and controlled by healthy behaviors and timely treatment.

6) Cancer

According to a research by Brangman, as women age, their risk in contracting cervical cancer reduces significantly as the likelihood to contract endometrial cancer increase. Also, the research showed that the risk of contracting prostate cancer among men increases with age. Other cancers such as lung cancer, colon cancer, and even skin cancer are also associated with intensified risk at old age.

7) Vision and Hearing Loss

As age intensifies, various eye diseases become common. These include: muscular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and glaucoma conditions. Hearing loss is also common among the older people, they need care better. Research shows that from 40 years of age, individuals are exposed to a higher risk of contracting vision and hearing loss. Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and also use of unhealthy foods are associated with increased the risk of contracting the condition.

8) Alzheimer’s’ Disease

This is a condition that is characterized by memory loss and also reduced mental functioning. This case intensifies progressively as age increases. Over 5.5 million people who 65 years or older are are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in US today.


There are numerous common disorders which affect older people. These disorders can be remedied through healthy eating, physical exercises, and increased social interaction among the elderly people.

7 Legit Reasons the Elliptical Machine Is Better Than a Treadmill

Legit Reasons the Elliptical Machine Is Better Than a TreadmillThe elliptical machine and the treadmill are highly popular among many individuals. They are popular due to their effectiveness in weight loss and workout practices. However, these two devices significantly differ from one another in the way that they work and produce results.
Recently, many have found the elliptical machine to be more effective and better than the treadmill. This is due to a couple of reasons which have clearly shown the difference between the devices with the elliptical machine proving better. It is recommended that you read the best elliptical reviews  before your decide on what product to buy. There are countless different types and brands available with different features and entering at different price points. So you should know what you need and where you will use the elliptical before going out and spending your money. For more infomation about why you should choose an elliptical rather than a treadmill please read on.

Why is the Elliptical Machine better than a Treadmill?

1) Found almost Everywhere

You can easily find an elliptical machine in almost every place. The machines are available in every gym. They are also fitted in building apartments, sporting facilities, martial arts schools, and also in hotels and restaurants. Therefore, it is easier to access and use it. On the other hand, a treadmill can be hard to find in these regular places.

2) Easily Fits into the Schedule

Getting in and out of the gym as fast as possible is always the goal for everyone. However, you my forced to take some time in while practicing and ensuring that you clean off the sweat after the workouts. With an elliptical machine, you can easily control the intensity of the workout to prevent excess sweating. This makes it more flexible to use the gym at any time.

3) Discourages Undesirable Competition

No one can easily view your mileage and speed. Therefore, the elliptical machine does not welcome the next guy for a competition session. It keeps your pace there with you until you are done.

4) Easy to Specify on Upper Body

You can use the handles to increase the pump directed to your hands. You can also hold some dumbbells to increase the intensity in the upper body. This can also apply to the lower body through releasing the dumbbells and the handles to focus on the legs’ movements only.

Legit Reasons the Elliptical Machine Is Better Than a Treadmill5) Possible to Multitask

The machine does not require you to always hold the handles in order to keep on your workout process. You can release the handles and keep your legs going. Therefore, this allows you a space to catch up with a text message or an email over your Smartphone or tackle any other purpose while still on the machine.

6) No Need to have Tons of Energy

The machine allows you to adjust the intensity of the practice. Thus, you do not need to arm yourself with excess energy in order to remain active and go for on while on the machine. You can easily check and control the intensity and make it suit your standards. Also, you can adjust the machine as you continue to get used to it.

7) You can Integrate it with other Workouts

The elliptical machine is flexible and it does not require you to have your whole body on it. You can grab the dumbbells and work on them while still on the machine. Also, you can switch from the machine to other workout sessions before your schedule is termed as done.


Apart from being designed to suit all levels of workout requirements, the elliptical machine is easily available in many different places. Therefore, you can easily enjoy its numerous advantages from the gym or hotel that is nearby to you.

Is Massage Chair Good for Disabled People?

Is Massage Chair Good for Disabled PeopleA massage at home for the disabled people is a convenient way to improve the quality of life while right at home. Many disabled people suffer from different disorders which require them to have regular massages. Some of these disorders include: cerebral palsy, dementia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and also cancer.

As a result, regular schedule of massage at home becomes an important factor for good and improved health. However, booking an appointment with a therapist at the spa may not be convenient for the disabled people. Thus, a massage chair proves to be effective and the solution for their massage requirements.

However, some of the disabled people may have special requirements for massage which require special therapists. Thus, these people should be keen to select therapists who are committed and whose operations are effective as required by their bodies.

Selecting Your Massage Therapist

Where any disabled person requires regular and special massage, it is always recommended to have a specific massage therapist. Companies such as Body Well Mobile Massage Professionals usually link every client with their own massage therapist who attends them from home or any other place that is convenient for them.

While selecting a massage therapist for your massage needs, it is always advisable to check their qualifications to their task. Also, look for someone who is genuinely interested in performing effective massage without showcasing worry about the time taken or the actual massage therapy task.

A licensed massage therapist may seem to be the right choice for you. However, check whether their qualifications are genuine. This will assure you that the person will be knowledgeable for your massage needs.

Is Massage Chair Good for Disabled PeopleSelecting Your Massage Chair

While selecting your suitable massage chair, it is important to make necessary considerations that suit your personal needs. In this case, you need a massage chair that is capable of making your body comfortable as well as relieving your organs. The following are some guidelines on how to select a massage chair:

1) Basic Comfort

For the disabled people, comfort while taking massage is essential. Therefore, you need a chair that will accommodate your body and its shape. Normally, it is wise to check features such as shape and the contour of the chair in order to determine its ability to offer comfort.

2) Intensity of the Massage

If you are looking forward to taking intensive and strong massages, you should go for a chair which is strong in foundation. Also, check for a massage chair with rollers and nodes which will accomplish the need.

3) Preset and Adjustability

This is an important aspect for the disabled people. You should be keen to check the control and present programs that are associated with a certain massage chair. This will enlighten you on how massage chair works and on whether its functioning suits your needs.

4) Accessories

Different massage chair accessories are essential for offering different add-ons and requirements during massage process. Check accessories such as foot and leg rest, head rest, and hands and arm rest. Also, check the vibration capacity and elevation ability of the chair.

5) Price

Despite having all the desirable features, a massage chair may be too expensive for you to purchase at a particular time. Therefore, it is always wise to inquire about the price after checking the suitability features. You may choose to wait for some time before buying the massage chair if you do not have the required amount rather than going for one that does not have your required features.

What Shower Is Best for Aging Parents?

What Shower Is Best for Aging Parents

Old age has several requirements and challenges. One of these is taking a shower. Normally, body organs become stiff and unable to respond as quickly as they used to do before. Therefore, an elderly parent may not easily be able to use the shower that they used before. In such a time, using a handheld shower becomes the most suitable option whether an elderly is showering on their own or with assistance from a guardian.

Why is the Handheld Shower Suitable for Aging Parents?

A handheld shower is a device that can be easily fitted over the shower access in the bathroom. It has a hose that carries water from the shower access. The handheld shower is suitable to the aging parents due to the following reasons:

1) Extendable Hose

This is the part that links the handheld shower head with the shower access in the bathroom. It is long enough to go all round the body for easy use during showering. An elderly person can freely move the hose around the body without necessarily turning all around in order to access water.

2) Temperature Control

Unlike the younger people, the elderly may not be comfortable while showering with hot water. Thus, a handheld shower becomes more suitable for them as it has a temperature control push-button. This button enables one to control the temperature of water before directing the shower head to the body. To learn more about features when it comes to shower heads please visit

3) Detachable Handheld Spray

This is a spray with nozzles at the top. The handheld spray allows the passage of water in spray or rainy form and in an increased pressure. Therefore, the water can easily wash the hard-to-reach areas while showering. The detachable handheld spray also has a push button that regulates the movement of water by turning it to a trickle. This makes the handheld shower suitable for the elderly.

What Shower Is Best for Aging Parents

What are the Best Handheld Shower Brands in the Market?

1) Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury

It comes with two types of shower. One is the normal shower head which is fitted directly on the shower access. The other one is the handheld shower. You can use both shower together by fitting a branched pipe on the shower access. You can also choose to use one shower separately.

2) HotelSpa 7-Setting AquaCare Series Spiral Handheld Shower Head

This is a unique shower that comes with a patented ON/OFF pause-switch for easy control. It also has a stretchable stainless steel hose which is soft to touch and flexible to use from all sides while showering. The shower can also be used as an overhead through fitting it directly at the shower access.

3) Delta Faucet 75700

This shower is manufactured by Alsons. It has a Delta hand shower control and also flexibility. Its Delta soft rubber Touch-Clean spray holes do not hold any foreign materials as they allow their passage. It has a spray setting that turns water passage to a trickle thus aiding in water conservation. The shower has a long hose which is flexible to use all to use all round the body.

4) Vida Alegria H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head

Its stainless steel hose can extend up to 5-7 ft. it also comes with a STAY-PUT holder and a durable connector joint which has a tightening collar to keep the shower flexible while being used. It has 5 Spray Modes and a drizzle mode of water passage which enhances water conservation.
All the above handheld showers can be gotten through searching and buying online.

Why to Look for Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen FaucetsAlthough styles are always changing, you can choose accessories for your kitchen that will go with just about any theme. Although you’re sure to replace appliances and flooring over time, elements like faucets and cabinet hardware can be chosen in themes that will stay with your kitchen as it grows and changes. One example is oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets. The style of oil rubbed bronze isn’t too modern, nor is it too traditional. If you are upgrading your kitchen with a new kitchen faucet make sure to pick something that fits in the style of your kitchen. There are so many options to choose from that you have to make sure to choose the perfect fit for your kitchen, read about the best kitchen faucet or even read this list of kitchen faucet reviews which gives you some idea for what is availble and how others have rated them.

This gives it that in-between style that will match any kitchen design you choose. Faucets are something that is completely necessary to every kitchen. By investing in a faucet that is both functional and beautiful – you’ve instantly added a touch of class and design to your kitchen. Today, everything needs to look good and this ideology cannot be underscored, when we talk about home improvement. After all, we all take pride in displaying our careful collaboration of style, design, and class through our home interiors.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucets won’t clash with any wood finish you currently have.  

One great thing about oil rubbed bronze faucets is that they won’t clash with any wood finish you currently have. Whether it’s your counter tops, floors, cabinets, or all three – wood plays a big role in many different kitchen designs. Choosing accessories that will compliment your wood finish will ensure that your kitchen is perfectly coordinated. There’s nothing worse than entering a room that has a great design theme, but there is ONE small design element that clashes with the rest. To save yourself from trying to pinpoint exactly what that element is, put some careful consideration into the choosing of details for your kitchen.

You’re not going to clutter the space that you have 

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen FaucetsAnother important factor when it comes to choosing decorative items for your kitchen is to be sure that you’re not going to clutter the space that you have. Cabinet hardware is the perfect option when it comes to choosing an element in your kitchen to “spruce up”. Counter, wall, and floor space is absolutely vital in kitchen design.

Although it’s easy to throw different decorative pieces into the kitchen, it’s not always practical. If you’ve recently undergone a remodeling project, don’t think you have to add things to your kitchen to make it better. Instead, just put a decorative twist on things like faucets and cabinet hardware. Adding an oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet or oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware gives your room a decorative feeling without taking up any space that you could be using for food preparation or storing utensils.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucets add character and class to your room.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen FaucetsWhether you’re undergoing a big remodeling project or you’re just looking to add some extra detail to your current kitchen design, accessories can make or break your finished product. Kitchens are becoming more and more of a centerpiece within the home. By adding interesting design elements that compliment your design perfectly, you’re creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

By choosing oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets or oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware, you’re adding details to your room that will add character and class. If you decide to replace your counter tops or flooring in a few years, these accessories are also an investment that you can depend on to work with whatever new theme you’ve decided to go with. So during your kitchen renovations don’t let the details get pushed to the side. Although they’re small, they can make a big impact on your final product.

An eye appealing unique appearance 

Today home interiors look incomplete without oil rubbed bronze faucets. Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets have a reputation of offering one with a modern and traditional blend, which eventually displays an eye appealing unique appearance. As a metal, bronze is perfectly suited for any kind of faucet. This is primarily because it looks better with every passing day, thus adding to the beauty of bronze faucet.

They are very easy to clean 

They are very easy to clean as well since they do not leave behind many stains and rough patches in comparison to other materials. They are neither overpriced, so you can easily find a good one that fits perfectly into your budget.Their uniqueness and beauty have drawn the modern age crowd towards it. You will also witness them in most of the top notch houses and restaurants out there.

Today, the market is flooded with these fixtures as there is plenty of demand that exist for them, due to their widespread popularity. This indeed speaks volume about their functionality and overall contribution towards home interior decoration.

While laying your hands on oil rubbed bronze faucet, make sure that you devote ample of time, as there are different styles and varieties of faucets found in the market today. You can shop online for a wider range of products. In conclusion, functionality and beauty are something that follows without fail with oil rubbed bronze faucets.

Toto vs. Kohler Toilets: Which Is Better?

Toto vs. Kohler Toilets: Which Is Better?Building a new home? While it’s exciting to see how the home is built from scratch, it also takes a lot of time and money choosing the right fixture for certain parts of the house—and that includes tiles, sinks, and of course, tubs and toilets.

Homeowners want a toilet that will last a lifetime. The bathroom is a safe place at home, and it won’t be complete without a warm, comfortable, and foolproof toilet. Who doesn’t want a durable, heavy-duty toilet that won’t wear out easily?

But a lot of homeowners are asking—which brands will stand the test of time? It’s a battle between Toto and Kohler Toilets.


Affordability tops the list when it comes to choosing the right toilet. While price is something that should be considered, people sometimes choose the more expensive item, especially if it’s a better investment than the cheaper one. Toto produces toilets a little bit expensive compared to Kohler ones(e.g. Toto Eco Drake cost $380, while Kohler Wellworth costs about $228). If money is not an issue to the buyer or homeowner, a higher-end Toto or Kohler would make a great investment.


Going on for a bathroom break late at night? Noisy flushes can disrupt a family’s good night’s sleep. This is why a lot of homeowners are consider getting a toilet with “silent” flushes. Many homeowners declare their Toto toilets do not make scandalous noises, especially at night. The flush is strong, but the sound is not as distracting as other brands. Kohler users needed to have their flush refilled after some time. Kohlers are not noisy flushers as compared to other brands.

Lesser Maintenance

Toto vs. Kohler Toilets: Which Is Better?Leaky toilets and loose flushes are a homeowner’s nemesis. It can lead to flooding inside the bathroom—and if it goes out of hand—it can flood the whole house. When there are problems with their plumbing systems, homeowners call their plumber and shed in a few hundred dollars just to make things back to normal. Many homeowners agree their Toto toilets required lesser maintenance than their Kohler toilets.

Even plumbers and other home improvement professionals advice homeowners to choose Toto toilets over other brands, since it is proven to have better performance and require lesser maintenance. Many homeowners say they’ve had lesser issues (e.g. loose flush and leaks) with Toto toilets than Kohler toilets. However, both Toto and Kohler toilets are not as leaky as its competitors.

Easier cleaning

When it comes to choosing a toilet that is easier to clean, it’s a tie between Toto and Kohler. Both brands’ single-piece toilets do not stain that much, even after years of use. Both toilet brands also only require light scrubbing with minimal chemical use. However, it’s a different story when it comes to multiple-piece toilets. Both brands’ multiple-piece toilets can be harder to clean than their single-piece counterparts.

Fan Following

Many homeowners, plumbers, and builders believe Toto is a great investment. It is greatly recommended by many families, as it has proven to stand the test of time.

Overall rating

Overall, a lot of homeowners are leaning into choosing Toto toilets of Kohler toilets. From its affordability, to its flush noise, and maintenance, it is a wiser investment than other brands. Maybe Toto is a better investment, but Kohler is a brand that is trusted as well.