Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing Loss

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing Loss

This is the condition of not having the sound signals reaching the brain. It mainly occurs as a result of old age. Also, the problem may be resulted by exposure to loud noise for a long period of time which destroys the structure of the ear causing it to malfunction.

Other causes include acute inflammation, trauma, or ineffective blood circulation. The auditory system is responsible for hearing function of the ear when sound waves are directed to it. Damaging of the auditory system leads to the hearing loss.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Towards hearing loss, individuals experience some symptoms which indicate the eventual occurrence of this situation. The hearing ability gradually fades away unnoticeably and it becomes difficult for one to determine it. Some of the common symptoms that predict the condition of hearing loss include:

1) Trouble in Hearing Consonants

Consonants such as “s” and “f” require control of the breath rather than sound in order to utter them in words or phrases. Individuals who have hearing loss may experience a challenge in hearing the consonants while talking with others.

2) Thinking Others Mumble

Prior to hearing loss, individuals have a tendency to think that others are mumbling rather than talking. They always hear that others are either talking from deep down their voices or that they are talking in a low voice.

3) Increase Volume of Devices

Individuals tend to experience difficulties while listening to devices such as radio, television, mobile phone, or computer. Normally, you will find that they are putting the maximum volume while using or operating these devices.

4) Withdrawal From Conversations

Due to constant difficulties in understanding clearly what is being said, many individuals with hearing loss withdraw from conversations.

5) Requesting others to Repeat what they Say

People suffering from hearing loss hear others talking from a far distance or from their low voices. Therefore, they frequently urge them to repeat what they say in order to get it clear. Failure to understand what is being said forces them to neglect the conversation.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing LossLevels of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not come at once. Rather, it comes in different levels which occur sequentially. These levels include:

1) Mild Hearing Loss

While talking with a person in one-on-one conversation, an individual can clearly hear all the words. However, in case of any background noise, it becomes a challenge to hear all the words in the conversation.

2) Moderate Loss of the Hearing Ability

This occurs gradually especially during old age. During one-on-one or phone conversations, individuals usually ask for repetition of statements which have not been clear to them frequently as they talk.

3) Severe Hearing Loss

At this stage, an elderly or any other person with the condition experiences total challenges in listening to sounds. Therefore, they tend to require using hearing aids which are inserted or fitted over the ear.

4) Profound Hearing Loss

In such a stage, an individual regularly experience challenges in hearing as others are speaking. Normally, one cannot hear anything. Thus, they often ask others to speak in an extremely loud voice in order to understand what is being said.

Foot Health for Elderly

Foot Health for Elderly

Old age comes with thinness and in-elasticity of the skin. This makes feet to be susceptible to problems such as corns, infections, getting injured easily, and blisters. This case may be intensified if an elderly is less mobile and associated with remaining back at home unlike in the past times when one used to work.

What are the Common Foot Health Problems among the Elderly?

For the elderly, foot health is affected by many problems. These problems are largely brought about by the change in lifestyle at old age unlike in the past days. Some of the problems include:

1) Bad Odor

This is a common foot problem that is brought about by fungus infections. Using one pair of shoes for long and wearing shoes with wet foot leads to fungal infections of the feet. Normally, fungal infection is common among the seniors.

2) Arthritis

Long periods of wear and tear of the feet and feet joints may lead to this painful joint condition. This problem affects parts of the foot such as toes, bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Big toes are more prone to the problem.

3) Stress Fractures

These are tiny and hairline fractures which affects the brittle bones. They may be caused by abnormal structure of the foot and also osteoporosis condition. The condition is irritating especially during walking.

Foot Health for Elderly4) Plantar Fasciitis

It is the most common foot problem among the elderly. It is caused by a couple of factors such as weight, pressure on the feet, poor or deformed foot structure, and poor footwear that inflicts pressure on different parts of the foot.

Limited walking activities and lack of involvement in physical exercises also causes the occurrence of plantar fasciitis. Dealing with plantar fasciitis condition presents total headache to many elderly people. It may limit their operations through presenting them with walking difficulties.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes that are Suitable for the Elderly

One of the most effective ways in correcting the feet and treating plantar fasciitis is through wearing proper shoes. These shoes eliminate factors that predispose the feet to contracting the condition. They include:

1) Olukai Moloa Shoe – Men’s

This shoe from Olukai is designed with a contoured footbed and it comes with a removable rubber outsole. The outsole can be removed and washed for hygiene purposes. The shoe is also designed with moisture wicking Dri-Lex microfiber and it is elastic to allow relaxation of the foot while wearing and walking with it.

2) Vionic Mens Eddy Orthotic Leather Casual Moc Toe Boat Shoes

This is a stylish and a comfortable shoe that can take you all day without getting exhausted. It is light in weight and flexible with elasticity for easy walking or running. It has a medium-density EVA midsole which is soft on the foot and which absorbs pressure and shocks that may stress the foot. It also has a removable rubber outsole which can be used to increase comfort while wearing it.

3) OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog OOFOS

This is recovery footwear which is suitable for the seniors who have experienced walking hardships and even plantar fasciitis condition previously. It can be worn by individuals from either sex. The shoe is light in weight and perfectly flexible. It is also elastic and easy to walk with.

Common Disorders In Older People

Common Disorders In Older People

Old age brings reduced immunity in the body. Thus, the elderly may be subject to a couple of disorders which do not commonly affect the younger people. Reduced physical exercise, reduced social interactions, and change in the physiological functioning of the body among the seniors are the main contributing factors to occurrence of several disorders.

What are the Common Disorders in Older People?

There are several disorders which are common among the older people in the population. These disorders include the following:

1) Depression

Younger people may run through tearful, withdrawn, and unhappy moments of life. However, the ability to socially interact and retain their bodies as physically active helps them to prevent suffering from depression.

For the elderly, anxiety, confusion, and forgetfulness lead to series of uncontrolled and severe stress among them. Also, low social interaction and reduced physical fitness intensifies the case making them suffer from depression.

2) Heart Attack

Older people may experience chest pain which is associated with abdominal pain and difficulties in breathing. Heart attack poor diet and anxiety may all lead to heart attack among the older people.

3) Hyper/Hypothyroidism

These conditions are usually associated with overactive and underactive performance of the thyroid glands. The two conditions may also affect the immune system of the body as the body aims at making antibodies that will help in regulating

Common Disorders In Older People4) Arthritis

Nearly half of the elderly population suffers from arthritis. Arthritis is highly linked with disability among the older people especially feet and legs disabilities. It is usually caused by inactivity and reduced physical exercises among the elderly which leads to pain in the joints and parts of the feet.

5) Osteoporosis and Falls

Over 40 million of adults who are over 50 years have osteoporosis and low bone mass. The condition is caused by reduced calcium intake, smoking, and reduced vitamin D intake. The condition may be prevented and controlled by healthy behaviors and timely treatment.

6) Cancer

According to a research by Brangman, as women age, their risk in contracting cervical cancer reduces significantly as the likelihood to contract endometrial cancer increase. Also, the research showed that the risk of contracting prostate cancer among men increases with age. Other cancers such as lung cancer, colon cancer, and even skin cancer are also associated with intensified risk at old age.

7) Vision and Hearing Loss

As age intensifies, various eye diseases become common. These include: muscular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and glaucoma conditions. Hearing loss is also common among the older people, they need care better. Research shows that from 40 years of age, individuals are exposed to a higher risk of contracting vision and hearing loss. Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and also use of unhealthy foods are associated with increased the risk of contracting the condition.

8) Alzheimer’s’ Disease

This is a condition that is characterized by memory loss and also reduced mental functioning. This case intensifies progressively as age increases. Over 5.5 million people who 65 years or older are are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in US today.


There are numerous common disorders which affect older people. These disorders can be remedied through healthy eating, physical exercises, and increased social interaction among the elderly people.

What Shower Is Best for Aging Parents?

What Shower Is Best for Aging Parents

Old age has several requirements and challenges. One of these is taking a shower. Normally, body organs become stiff and unable to respond as quickly as they used to do before. Therefore, an elderly parent may not easily be able to use the shower that they used before. In such a time, using a handheld shower becomes the most suitable option whether an elderly is showering on their own or with assistance from a guardian.

Why is the Handheld Shower Suitable for Aging Parents?

A handheld shower is a device that can be easily fitted over the shower access in the bathroom. It has a hose that carries water from the shower access. The handheld shower is suitable to the aging parents due to the following reasons:

1) Extendable Hose

This is the part that links the handheld shower head with the shower access in the bathroom. It is long enough to go all round the body for easy use during showering. An elderly person can freely move the hose around the body without necessarily turning all around in order to access water.

2) Temperature Control

Unlike the younger people, the elderly may not be comfortable while showering with hot water. Thus, a handheld shower becomes more suitable for them as it has a temperature control push-button. This button enables one to control the temperature of water before directing the shower head to the body. To learn more about features when it comes to shower heads please visit

3) Detachable Handheld Spray

This is a spray with nozzles at the top. The handheld spray allows the passage of water in spray or rainy form and in an increased pressure. Therefore, the water can easily wash the hard-to-reach areas while showering. The detachable handheld spray also has a push button that regulates the movement of water by turning it to a trickle. This makes the handheld shower suitable for the elderly.

What Shower Is Best for Aging Parents

What are the Best Handheld Shower Brands in the Market?

1) Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury

It comes with two types of shower. One is the normal shower head which is fitted directly on the shower access. The other one is the handheld shower. You can use both shower together by fitting a branched pipe on the shower access. You can also choose to use one shower separately.

2) HotelSpa 7-Setting AquaCare Series Spiral Handheld Shower Head

This is a unique shower that comes with a patented ON/OFF pause-switch for easy control. It also has a stretchable stainless steel hose which is soft to touch and flexible to use from all sides while showering. The shower can also be used as an overhead through fitting it directly at the shower access.

3) Delta Faucet 75700

This shower is manufactured by Alsons. It has a Delta hand shower control and also flexibility. Its Delta soft rubber Touch-Clean spray holes do not hold any foreign materials as they allow their passage. It has a spray setting that turns water passage to a trickle thus aiding in water conservation. The shower has a long hose which is flexible to use all to use all round the body.

4) Vida Alegria H5+ 2.5GPM Handheld Shower Head

Its stainless steel hose can extend up to 5-7 ft. it also comes with a STAY-PUT holder and a durable connector joint which has a tightening collar to keep the shower flexible while being used. It has 5 Spray Modes and a drizzle mode of water passage which enhances water conservation.
All the above handheld showers can be gotten through searching and buying online.