Foot Health for Elderly

Foot Health for Elderly

Old age comes with thinness and in-elasticity of the skin. This makes feet to be susceptible to problems such as corns, infections, getting injured easily, and blisters. This case may be intensified if an elderly is less mobile and associated with remaining back at home unlike in the past times when one used to work.

What are the Common Foot Health Problems among the Elderly?

For the elderly, foot health is affected by many problems. These problems are largely brought about by the change in lifestyle at old age unlike in the past days. Some of the problems include:

1) Bad Odor

This is a common foot problem that is brought about by fungus infections. Using one pair of shoes for long and wearing shoes with wet foot leads to fungal infections of the feet. Normally, fungal infection is common among the seniors.

2) Arthritis

Long periods of wear and tear of the feet and feet joints may lead to this painful joint condition. This problem affects parts of the foot such as toes, bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Big toes are more prone to the problem.

3) Stress Fractures

These are tiny and hairline fractures which affects the brittle bones. They may be caused by abnormal structure of the foot and also osteoporosis condition. The condition is irritating especially during walking.

Foot Health for Elderly4) Plantar Fasciitis

It is the most common foot problem among the elderly. It is caused by a couple of factors such as weight, pressure on the feet, poor or deformed foot structure, and poor footwear that inflicts pressure on different parts of the foot.

Limited walking activities and lack of involvement in physical exercises also causes the occurrence of plantar fasciitis. Dealing with plantar fasciitis condition presents total headache to many elderly people. It may limit their operations through presenting them with walking difficulties.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes that are Suitable for the Elderly

One of the most effective ways in correcting the feet and treating plantar fasciitis is through wearing proper shoes. These shoes eliminate factors that predispose the feet to contracting the condition. They include:

1) Olukai Moloa Shoe – Men’s

This shoe from Olukai is designed with a contoured footbed and it comes with a removable rubber outsole. The outsole can be removed and washed for hygiene purposes. The shoe is also designed with moisture wicking Dri-Lex microfiber and it is elastic to allow relaxation of the foot while wearing and walking with it.

2) Vionic Mens Eddy Orthotic Leather Casual Moc Toe Boat Shoes

This is a stylish and a comfortable shoe that can take you all day without getting exhausted. It is light in weight and flexible with elasticity for easy walking or running. It has a medium-density EVA midsole which is soft on the foot and which absorbs pressure and shocks that may stress the foot. It also has a removable rubber outsole which can be used to increase comfort while wearing it.

3) OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog OOFOS

This is recovery footwear which is suitable for the seniors who have experienced walking hardships and even plantar fasciitis condition previously. It can be worn by individuals from either sex. The shoe is light in weight and perfectly flexible. It is also elastic and easy to walk with.

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