Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing Loss

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing Loss

This is the condition of not having the sound signals reaching the brain. It mainly occurs as a result of old age. Also, the problem may be resulted by exposure to loud noise for a long period of time which destroys the structure of the ear causing it to malfunction.

Other causes include acute inflammation, trauma, or ineffective blood circulation. The auditory system is responsible for hearing function of the ear when sound waves are directed to it. Damaging of the auditory system leads to the hearing loss.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Towards hearing loss, individuals experience some symptoms which indicate the eventual occurrence of this situation. The hearing ability gradually fades away unnoticeably and it becomes difficult for one to determine it. Some of the common symptoms that predict the condition of hearing loss include:

1) Trouble in Hearing Consonants

Consonants such as ā€œsā€ and ā€œfā€ require control of the breath rather than sound in order to utter them in words or phrases. Individuals who have hearing loss may experience a challenge in hearing the consonants while talking with others.

2) Thinking Others Mumble

Prior to hearing loss, individuals have a tendency to think that others are mumbling rather than talking. They always hear that others are either talking from deep down their voices or that they are talking in a low voice.

3) Increase Volume of Devices

Individuals tend to experience difficulties while listening to devices such as radio, television, mobile phone, or computer. Normally, you will find that they are putting the maximum volume while using or operating these devices.

4) Withdrawal From Conversations

Due to constant difficulties in understanding clearly what is being said, many individuals with hearing loss withdraw from conversations.

5) Requesting others to Repeat what they Say

People suffering from hearing loss hear others talking from a far distance or from their low voices. Therefore, they frequently urge them to repeat what they say in order to get it clear. Failure to understand what is being said forces them to neglect the conversation.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Levels of Hearing LossLevels of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not come at once. Rather, it comes in different levels which occur sequentially. These levels include:

1) Mild Hearing Loss

While talking with a person in one-on-one conversation, an individual can clearly hear all the words. However, in case of any background noise, it becomes a challenge to hear all the words in the conversation.

2) Moderate Loss of the Hearing Ability

This occurs gradually especially during old age. During one-on-one or phone conversations, individuals usually ask for repetition of statements which have not been clear to them frequently as they talk.

3) Severe Hearing Loss

At this stage, an elderly or any other person with the condition experiences total challenges in listening to sounds. Therefore, they tend to require using hearing aids which are inserted or fitted over the ear.

4) Profound Hearing Loss

In such a stage, an individual regularly experience challenges in hearing as others are speaking. Normally, one cannot hear anything. Thus, they often ask others to speak in an extremely loud voice in order to understand what is being said.

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